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Some of the Things To Know about Ric Flair

Popularly named as the Nature Boy, Ric Flair is considered as one of the most professional wrestlers in the history of the wrestling industry, who is considered as the man you have to beat in order for you to be called as a man, and is a name that fans in the wrestling world do not miss knowing. In all of Flair’s 36 years of wrestling career, he is both hated and loved among wrestlers, which just shows how his legacy and of being a legend had left a big impact in the wrestling profession of today.

Ric Flair is from Memphis, Tennessee, and moved around the country until becoming a full time professional wrestler. Flair took odd jobs like from being a lifeguard and until being recruited in a university for his wrestling stunts, and has not stopped being in the wrestling world ever since. Fans mostly remembered him for his bleached blond hair, handsome looking body built and his suave wrestling style that later drew the attention of the crowd because of his endurance in the ring, and his charismatic personality which became his career trademark.

Flair was building his legacy through a wrestling association and almost came to a halt when he encountered a serious plane crash, where he broke his back in three places, and worse was the advice of the doctors for him not to wrestle again. But with his guts and will, Flair conducted rigorous physical therapies and was able to return again to the ring after half a year after the accident. Flair had encountered injuries as a result of the plane crash, and this led him to change his wrestling style described as a slick style that fans in the wrestling world would give him the title of the Nature Boy.

Flair had helped in the creation of one of the most popular groups in the wrestling industry in 1985 which is called the Four Horseman. With the rule breaking tactics of this group, they earned several championship titles. Ric had clearly established his name in the wrestling world, even being surrounded with personal feuds and controversies among his fellow wrestlers. Fans would be heard shouting “woooooo!” as sign of their tribute to Flair, especially when a wrestler would perform a knife edge wrestling chop to the chest of the opponent that was considered as Flair’s signature move. Later on, wrestling companies would use Flair in the promotion of the wrestling industry, and they would send him to other countries, and make him as the ambassador of the game.

Every wrestler, every fan watching in the arena and those viewers at home who understood and respected the wrestling business, would not fail to thank the man called Ric Flair who had contributed to the wrestling business and industry for what it is today.

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